Since 2018, we have set up a video security briefing for 6 minutes in English but also translated into English and Dutch.

briefing1  briefing2

Here the video !

Nothing is left to chance to ensure you optimal safety is our main objective.

In addition, year 2014 we installed lifelines continue on our runs It will be impossible now to get you,

except in case of intervention of our operators.

Coudou pro zaza system : www.coudoupro.com  


• Facilities and equipment checked daily.

• A compulsory briefing presented to each participant safety.

• Clear explanatory panels allow to evolve self-assurance along the entire route.

• A polling official and independent control attests the conformity of our infrastructure. 

For your safety , you are asked before making our journey :

- Have Good securely fastened shoes (no flip flops, crocs , .. )
- Have nothing in their pockets you could lose on the course ( lockers are available free of charge )
-To Protect or remove your navel piercing
- To fasten your long hair
-To take off your scarf 
    -You Can keep the glasses , but the park will not be responsible in case of breakage
-You Can come in shorts , pants , t -shirt, jogging but not with large or big clothing
We set up in 2018, a locker system to put your personal belongings :



The team is trained in 1st aid and has a Certificate of Professional Qualification Operator Course Freestyle height.

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